I'm very excited to announce that your favorite bakery in Center City Philadelphia now has free Wifi for all of our guests. I decided that it was very important that our guests feel at home in my kitchen, and are able to sit down, relax, and enjoy sampling our wide variety of kosher baked goods. We're trying to be your home away from home, where you can get online, enjoy the smells of fresh homemade baking without having to get yourself dirty or clean up, and enjoy our company.

In my travels around Philadelphia I noticed that the only widely available internet connections were at coffee shops. However, very few of these coffee shops really feel like you're at home, and in order to work there you're expected to buy a caffeinated drink. But what if you're already over-caffeinated?

Courtesy of For Lack of a Better Comic
We give you a much more home-like experience, and some of the best baked goods you'll find anywhere. And if you want some coffee or tea, we have that too.

So next time you're wondering which coffee shop to head to, keep us in mind. We'd love to have you visit and, like your grand-mom, we'll make you feel at home.